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Estate Dairy
” We’re The Estate Dairy, a team of young, passionate individuals dedicated to producing and bottling the highest unhomogenised quality milk and cream from single farm gates”

Tomato Stall
“Our Isle of Wight Tomatoes, have been grown in the rich fertile valley of Arreton for over 30 years. All our tomatoes are left to ripen on the vine and picked at their peak of flavour.”

“Our philosophy is to be ahead of the Italian culinary movement by introducing fabulous innovative regional Italian food and drink products to the UK restaurant scene.”

H G Walter
“At H. G. Walter, we value tradition, simplicity and quality. Established in 1972, our independent, family-run business has dedicated years to perfecting traditional methods of meat preparation; to doing things in the proper way, properly.”

“Discover the freshest responsibly-sourced and prepared fish delivered direct from the coast. Fishmongers since 1979, we’ve been the supplier of choice for the finest caterers in the South East.”

Boutinot Wines
“Boutinot’s philosophy is ‘Live Wine, Love People’”

All Press
“Flavour is at the heart of every decision we make and early on, we identified that the best tasting coffee is not all science nor is it all craft. It’s the combination of both. Science plays its part in the roast method itself. We roast coffee exclusively using the Allpress Hot Air Roast Method and this is the real difference.”

Clarence Court
“Clarence Court free range eggs are completely unique, not only for their superior flavour and quality, but because of the poulterer’s attention to the health and welfare of his hens, which are all free to range and forage on acres of green pasture from dawn to dusk, therefore leading a natural and happy life.”


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